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Boy vs girl jokes

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Girls psychology:
Fraud with innocent boys
Fun with handsome boys
Friendship with charming boys
Contacts with intelligent boys
Flirt with freaky boys
Love with faithful boys & in the end marriage with the rich boy
At a ladies garments shop,

Man: I need a ladies salwar suit..

Shopkeeper: Sir, wife k liye chahiye yaa kuchh acha sa dikhau?

Words Of Lover Boy:
My Eyes Know That I M Not Perfect Match 4 Him.
My Heart Has No Eyes Or Ears, So It’s Been Beating 4 Her .. FOREVER
Best Ever Quote In Love
Some Say "Always Rremember Me”
Some Say “Never 4get Me”
But I Will Say.. “4get Me If U Really Can!”
Boy Was Following A Girl
GIRL:Why R U Folowin Me?
BOY:You R Very Pretty N I Think I’m In Love Wid U
GIRL:But U Havnt Met My Frend Yet .. She Is Prettier Than Me N Is Rite Behind U.
BOY Luks but Dere’s No 1
GIRL:If U Realy Loved Me U Wudnt Hav Lukd Behnd..

MORAL:True Love Is Rare .. Respect It When U Get It
Tum lovely ho- 94%
Tum cute ho-95%
Tum sweet ho-96%
Tum beautiful ho 97%
Tum stylish ho-98%
Tum attractive ho- 99%

or main fekne mei expert hu-100%

A Boy Proposed A Girl:
She Rejected
He Was Not Sad
Frnds: R U Hurt?
Boy: Y Should I Hurt ?
I Lost One Who Never Loved Me.
She Lost 1 Who Really Loved Her!!
Banta: When I get mad at u, u never fight back. How do u control ur anger?

Preeto: I clean the toilet.

Banta: How does that help?

Preeto: I use ur toothbrush.
Five Things Boys Do In The Exam Hall:
1. Counting The Girls.
2. Counting The Fans & Tubelights.
3. Reading The Brand Name Of Their Pen.
4. Thinking Of Studying Seriously For The Next Exams.
5. Singing Song.
Five Things Girls Do In The Exam Hall:
1. Write
2. Write
3. Write
4. Write
5. And Just Write.

Aata Ho Ya Na Ata Ho
Duniya Mein Sab Se Himmat Wala Kaun?
Ans: Dhobi
Kabhi Bhi Kisi Ke Ghar Jaa Kar Bol Sakta Hai
Sahib Bibi Ji Ko Bolo Kapde Nikal Kar Rakhe Mein Abhi Aa Ke Leta Hu